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Registration for the Fall Soccer Seson is now open!!

Registration for the Fall Soccer Season is now open until August 13th. To register please go to  Season will start August 25th to November 3rd.
You can also register for the Pre-training Camp that will start the week of August 20th to the 24th for only $50 if you register for the Fall Soccer Season ( regular price is $139) If you signed up as a coach for the season, you can bring your child/en for free to the pre-training camp. If you have any questions, please contact us at (210)401-7817. Space is limited so register now!!
La registracion para la temporada de futbol de otono esta abierta hasta el 13 de Agosto. Por favor ir a la pagina para registrarse.
La temporada inicia el 25 de Agosto hasta el 3 de Noviembre.
Tambien puede registrar a su nino/nina para la semana de entrenamiento de preparacion para la temporada que sera del 20 al 25 de Agosto por solo $50 si se registra tambien para la temporada de futbol de otono (El precio regular del campamento es de $139)
El espacio para el campamento y la temporada es limitado asi que registre su nino/nina ahora. Gracias


Last weekend on Friday April 27th or Saturday April 28th, somebody stole the 3 Aliens from our fence.  If you have any information or saw  something please let us know we will appreciate it.  If you took them, please bring them back!! Those Aliens mean a lot to us and to  our organization,  it is very sad that there are bad people there that do not care and take things that do not belong to them.  Help us find them!! Thank you.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Pre-season Training camp

Thank you so much to all the parents who registered the children for the pre-season training camp, it was a success!!! and also would like to thank you  to all the volunteer coaches who helped to make this possible,  Coach Maria, Coach Geronimo, Coach Snethen, Coach Rebecca and Coach Abigail. 

Muchas gracias a todos los padres por registrar a sus niños en el entrenamiento de pre-temporada de fútbol que fue un éxito y muchas gracias a los entrenadores voluntarios que sin ellos no hubiera sido posible hacer esto,  entrenadora Maria, entrenador Snethen,, entrenador Geronimo, entrenadora Rebecca y Abigail.  Muchas gracias!!


The Registration for the 2018 Fall Soccer Season is NOW OPEN through August 13th. Please go to to register.  We are accepting registration for children 3 to 16 years old ready to play and learn about soccer.

The Fall Soccer Season will start August 25th through Nov 3rd,  Practices will be once a week at 6:00pm and games on Saturdays starting Sept 8th at 9:00 am. 


    Bracket Returning Player  New Player
2018 Fall Season    3 to 16      $ 75    $ 90
Pre-training Camp    3 to 16         $139
(Aug 20th to Aug 24th)              



  • If you register your child for the 2018 Fall Soccer Season and pre-training camp,   you will pay for the camp only $50 per child.
  • If you sign up to be a volunteer Coach or  Assistant Coach,   the training  camp will be free for all your children.
  • We have a $10 discount for siblings for the Fall Season only.

If you would like to volunteer as a referee for the games on Saturdays or would like to sponsor a team, please contact us we will really appreciate it.

For more information, please give us a call at (210)401-7817 or send us an email at, Thank you parents for all your support and we hope to see you all soon to have a fun and  a great Fall Soccer Season!!



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    SAN ANTONIO - A retired military member who runs a youth soccer club faces thousands of dollars in losses after vandals destroy his property.

    Anthony Hoffman and his wife Lorena operate Alien Sports San Antonio, a club for kids 3 to 16 years of age. A year ago, the couple began construction of sports fields on the property at 12275 Potranco Rd. They built five  soccer fields of various sizes for different age groups and were working on the parking lot and a fully functional bathroom. The couple spends any extra money and time on improving the fields.

    "I'm retired military and I work full time. Every paycheck, this is where our money's been going. We initially started out with a $38,000 budget for everything and we're more than three times into it right now," Anthony said. "We're here because my kids love soccer and we saw how much it changed their lives to have mom and dad out there working with them, watching them play. It's matured them and, not only that, it's developed their character."

    The couple said that the club is to help kids in the community stay safe, active, and healthy. Their goal is to make sure every child is included.

    "Basically, we subsidize where a lot of people can't afford to even pay the low prices that we charge for registration," Anthony said.

    "We're so happy that we see all these people coming back and play here," Lorena said.

    Around 5:30 a.m. Saturday, the Hoffmans said that firefighters responded to the club's location. A trailer that was sitting in the parking lot was in the process of getting modified into a bathroom.

    Anthony said someone purposely lit the trailer on fire.

    The Hoffmans had been saving money and working on it for more than a year. They poured about $13,000 into the renovations. The bathroom was mere days away from being completed.

    "The inside was luxury. Pink for the girls, green for the boys," Anthony described. "The kids, especially the 3-years-old, are afraid to go into the porta potties with this heat. They're like ovens."

    "We've been really working hard on this for the kids,” Lorena said through tears. “And, I'm sorry, to find out this, that evil people are there, instead of helping and doing bad things to us, hurts me a lot.”

    If you are interested in helping the Hoffman's, call 210-778-4871.

    Alien Sports 2017 Combine Winners

    Congratulations to the 2017 Spring Soccer Season Combine winners:

    6 to 8 age group:

    First Place:  Levi  Matson  (Dragons)

    Second Place:  Jedediah Kennedy  (Wizards)

    Third Place:  Gustavo Acevedo (Wizards)


    9 to 11 age group:

    First Place:  Paiton Cantu (Raptors)

    Second Place:  Natasha Alarcon (Predators)

    Third Place:  Brynlee Lloyd (Aliens)


    12 to 16 age group:

    First Place:  Robert Hadson (Monarchs)

    Second Place:  Ben Hoffman (Fuego)

    Third Place:  Alden Womack (Fuego)

    Please come this Saturday  May 20th, to the fields to pick up your trophy between 9:00 am and 11:00am. Thank you 





    Alien Sports San Antonio

    Phone: 210-401-7817


    We are located at 12275 Potranco Rd., San Antonio TX 78253. Approximately 1.5 miles outside the loop 1604.

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